Chainsaw students shine in Bemboka

Walan Miya chainsaw students have assisted a family on the Far South Coast whose 1300-acre property was ravaged by devastating bushfires last summer.

The 12 students stationed themselves on the Bemboka property – located in the

Bega Valley Shire region – removing trees and gaining ‘hands-on’ experience as part of a Chainsaw Operations Skills Set course.

Course trainer Mick Mather said Walan Miya was privileged to gain access to the site and provide meaningful training while assisting the family.

“We were happy to support a family in need and help with fire reduction,” he said.

“We were surrounded by a 1300-acre site, of which 95 percent had been burnt.

“Our students carried out safe methods of chain sawing, with the timber to be used for posts and firewood.

“The site itself was overwhelming and baron. It was pleasing to see birds slowly returning.”

The Bemboka property is home to Karen and Rowan Alcock – a family owned property for 120 years.

The Chainsaw Skill Set course is suitable for those engaged in chainsaw use including landscapers, tree contracting, personal use, council workers and parks management.