Enrolment Portal

Do you want to know how to enrol in a course?

The process to enrol is fairly simple, however being as our training is subsidised by Training NSW, we have a mandatory enrolment process that we must follow for all of our students in all of our courses.

This page is designed to explain these requirements and to walk you through the process to make it as easy as possible.

The URL link at the bottom of this page will take you directly to our online enrolment portal where you can begin the enrolment process.

Once on the Online Enrolment Portal, please search for the course you are interested in enrolling in. If you cannot find this, please contact our staff for assistance.


Unique Student Identifier (USI)

You will need a valid USI to complete your enrolment. A USI – Unique Student Identifier is a reference number that creates an online record of your training and qualifications attained in Australia. If you don’t know what your USI is, or if you don’t have one, visit the link below to either apply for one or search your existing USI.




You will need to upload confirmation of your identity as part of the enrolment process.

We use this information to register you for the training and to request fee subsidy on your behalf with Training NSW. It is critical that you complete all of the necessary information to allow us to reduce your training costs as much as possible.

The Government requires that you provide the following:

  • A valid USI (as explained earlier in this email)
  • Any Government issued document providing evidence of your living location (NSW). This can take the form of a license, or vehicle registration, etc.
  • A copy of your Medicare card (to prove you are an Australian Citizen.

If you are in Australia on a Humanitarian Visa then you must upload either your Immicard or your relevant visa documentation.


Fee Subsidy:

We are a smart and skilled contracted Registered Training Organisation (RTO). That means the NSW Government subsidises our delivery of training to you. However there still remains a fee due payable by the student to the RTO.

To ensure that we are being upfront with our students, you will see the maximum fee for your courses when you enrol (assuming this is your 1st Qualification). Unfortunately we cannot assess your actual fee until you have completed your enrolment and we can process your specific circumstances. If you would like to discuss your possible fee before enrolling please don’t hesitate to call us directly. After your enrolment we will contact you directly to detail any fees owing. If you are unable to make payment for the training fee, we do allow for payment plans, or instalment plans to assist the student with the fees.

If you already hold one or more qualifications, you’re administration fee may be slightly higher than the maximum highlighted on our enrolment portal. If you want to confirm your estimate prior to enrolling you can either contact us and request a quote for your specific circumstances or you can access Training NSW’s Smart and Skilled website which will allow you to estimate your fee’s based on your circumstances. Just follow the link below and click on the Fee Estimate button.


The link below will take you to the Smart and Skilled Fee Policy which will provide a detailed look at the fee options for students.



Fee Exemptions:

An exemption is where no fee is charged to the student. For exemptions, the government subsidises the total cost of the qualification.

Fee exemptions are available to eligible students who:

  • are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (through descent, self-identification or community identification)
  • meet the Smart and Skilled disability criteria (proof of a disability support pension or documentary evidence from an appropriate medical professional is required)
  • are the dependents of disability support pension recipients.


Concession fees:

Concession fees are discounted fees for disadvantaged people who are studying for qualifications up to and including Certificate IV.

The concession fee applies to the whole qualification and is a flat fee set for each qualification level, ranging from $80 for a foundation skills course to $240 for a Certificate III or IV.

They are available to eligible students who:

  • are receiving a specified Australian Government welfare benefit or allowance at the time of their enrolment (e.g. age pension, carer payment, Newstart allowance, Veterans’ Affairs pension, single parenting payment or youth allowance)
  • are the dependants of a recipient of specified Australian Government welfare benefits or allowances.

Please call us if you wish to discuss the fee position of your course and your enrolment.


Next Steps:

Once you have completed your Online Enrolment, we will send you a confirmation email detailing your next steps.

In summary:

  1. You will receive confirmation of your enrolment and your course particulars, alongside your login details for our Learning Management Systems.
  2. You will need to complete short online learning module known as the LLN (Learning, Literacy, and Numeracy) module. The Government requires all subsidised RTO’s to make sure that all students feel comfortable undertaking their particular course, so we are obligated to confirm that our students are comfortable with the level of foundation skills required to undertake this course.
  3. You will receive information pertaining to the commencement of your course, such as your trainer, your commencement materials, etc.
  4. Then we get underway and work towards your successful completion.


Contact Details:

We have a dedicated Enrolment Officer whose job it is to assist our students through this process. Please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 643 484 to discuss any issues or questions you have pertaining to the enrolment process.